Tuesday, 30 September 2014

3 Bloggers I've Never Heard of & My Opinion of Them | #2 Poppyloves.co.uk

Poppy | Poppyloves.co.uk

All pictures are the property of Poppy and poppyloves.co.uk
Poppyloves.net is a London Lifestyle blog ran by Poppy. She has a 1,138 following on bloglovin and more followers via her option to subscribe via email. Poppy blogs about almost everything, including music, food, fashion, beauty, craft and well, as her blog name suggests, anything she loves. She has a really handy explore bar at the top, which has drop down lists for every category her blog covers so her viewers can easily find something they are looking for. She also has features like 'My Diary' so her followers can be up to date on what she is doing in other areas of her life that aren't covered in her existing categories. Again, a must for every blogger seems to be social media and networking sites. Poppy is a member of all platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. All of her platforms are linked together to create one cohesive personal brand for herself. 

My Opinion:
Despite usually having a preference to white backgrounds, Poppy's light brown/beige toned background works really well with her blog. It almost has a vintage paper look to it and coupled with the dark green text and floral logo gives the blog a really earthy, natural feel to it. I love how much detail Poppy's blog goes into, she posts very regularly ensuring to keep her range of categories. Her photography is also spot on, the quality is super high, her framing and lighting is also very professional. The way she presents locations she's visited and activities she participated in is very appealing and for me makes me want to go there or do what she's done. I think this is a really talented skill to have, her blog is very inspirational. Again, lifestyle blogs aren't my go to type of blogs, which is why I picked it for this task. However, I really enjoyed reading this blog and will continue to follow it now as it has given me lots of inspiration for my own blogging and life. 

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